The time is now.

Let your New Years resultion last the whole year; it's never too late. Contact us now for your FREE introductory lesson! All of our trainers are CrossFit L1 certified and we offer a variety of programs to help you get into shape. Whether you are interested in Crossfit or weightlifting, or Yoga, weight loss, or personal training, our facility will meet your needs.

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What is crossfit?

Crossfit Classes

Crossfit NSB Class times:

Monday – Friday 
6:00a.m, 7:10a.m, 8:10a.m, 9:10a.m, 5:30p.m, 6:30p.m

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (2 additional class times) 5:00a.m, 12:00pm class ( plus all the above class times)


 Next intro class times :

Grab a friend and drop in for your FREE intro class.  The month of APRIL  will be EVERY Monday 7:30pm & EVERY Wednesday 7:30pm

Just show up. OR

  Text or call (386)852-XFIT to schedule  your intro class.

Attention – if you are a current CrossFitter from out of town visiting NSB & would like to WOD while in NSB…. Just drop in for any class time you wish. Daily drop is $20.00.( or purchase a shirt). One week $45.00. If you are in town longer than a week, please speak to us. Hope to see you soon!

CrossFit NSB kids - CrossFit KIDS classes Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 4:15pm .  *** THRE WILL BE NO CROSSFIT KIDS CLASS ON March 14th****Also, no CrossFit Kids classesthe WEEK of March 24th.***** Enjoy Spring break!


When we will get you fit enough to compete.


You will be able to lift more than you could imagine.


Besides our classes we have personal trainers.

The Joy of Working Out

Enjoy working out w a group of highly motivated people.

No limits!

Push yourself!

Get Fit!

Get in your best shape.

Today is the day you get in shape.

(386) 852-XFIT

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